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Case Study on 4-plexes

A case study on three 4-plexes on Wooten Park Dr is a big file so it is a PDF that you need to download to read.   Please click the link above named "4-plexes" and the file will open on your computer using adode.

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Did I miss the boat or has the ship not come in?

Did I miss the real estate investment deal of a lifetime boat?

I read an article the other day that outlined the plight of the small independent real estate investor and it took the time to explain in some detail the requirements for buying property today!   In a word “CASH”!

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Calpers finally gets it..

The wall street journal has an article about CALPERS changing thier real estate strategy.   From real estate private equity to CASHFLOW.

Do you have some cashflow in your portfolio?   There certainly is a place for some flips, rehabs, etc but cashflow is where you make money long term in real estate.   Do you need to discuss your real estate goals with a professional real estate investor?   Call me…(512) 782-8982 or email me.