The Seay Group’s philosophy is to create a business that our great, great, great grand children will benefit from.   Two hundred and fifty years from now it is our desire that both our descendents and the descendents of our investment partners will be able to participate in the syndication and financial benefits of the organization that we have created.

The Seay Group is a diversified investment, development, brokerage, and management enterprise.   The Seay Group’s motto is “We pray like there is no help from earth, and work like there is no help from Heaven.”   We like to say that our other motto is “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Property.”

Call us today to discuss your real estate needs 512-782-8982 or visit www.seaypm.com to find out about our property managment services and our inventory for rent.   If you would like to discuss investmenting in our new real estate investment fund please visit www.seaygi.com