Thank you for you support in my quest to use my influence and connnections to raise money for   The team raised over $70K in a little over 4 hours!   Not to be outdone the next day we built pre-built 7 houses and loaddd them on a truck in wall sections and saw that truck off to Mexico.   I could not have done my part without you!   Your willingness to support me and my team was instrumental in our success!   Most of all not success for for us but for needy people in another country!   I hope that you feel as good about giving as I do.   If you don't you probably DID NOT give enough!   So please go out and give some more to project mercy at   


If you would like to feed some hungry children in this country please address the check to the Seay hungry children feeding program.   Your donations are always accepted!


If you are looking for some good leadership training for men please consider joining me on the 1st and third Saturday of every month at the Men of Faith Fellowship And Bible study.   Go to for more info.


If you want ant to live big and stretch yourself and increase your capacity please consider attending a champions workshop in Austin or San Antonio in the comings months.   You can find out more by calling me or by visiting   


Want to see some pictures of the work that we have done scroll down 


Lastly if you donated some funds and I told you we would work out the logistics next week here is what I have done.  I used my funds in your name to make the donation on your behalf.   I did it this way so that I could reach as many people as possible in the short timeframe that I had available.   Instead of me taking the time to get all the logistics taken care of during the fund raising time frame.   So please make the check out to Ron Seay and use my address below!   You will receive a tax donation receipt with your name on it!   For anyone of you saying, "now wait a minute Ron" below is a screen snapshot of my bank account being debited for your donations from Project Mercy.


projectmercy deductions




Always wth love and power Ron Seay.  Please make sure you are living big life for you and others around you!

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