Group Investment Info is the arm of The Seay Group that handles our Syndicaiton / Group Investment Business.   Please visit to find out more information about group investments or syndications.   Below are questions that address some of the general issues involved in syndication or group investing.   Please feel free to email us with any specific questions that you feel were not addressed below.
1.   What is a syndicate sponsor or group sponsor of investment real estate?
2.   What is a syndication? 
3.   Does the sponsor have any risk in the group? 
4.   Why participate in a group? 
5.   How do you participate in a group? 
6.   Will I have any liability? 
7.   Will I have any management responsibility? 
8.   What will my maximum risk be? 
9.   How will the profit be split? 
10. What will happen if the investment performs negatively? 
11. Is this a public investment opportunity? 
12. How many other people will participate in the group investment? 
13. Are there other people who have participated in past investments who are willing to share their experience? 
14. What will happen if the sponsors dies? 
15. What will happen if the sponsors files bankruptcy? 
16. How long is this investment expected to last? 
17. When will I begin to get any dividends? 
18. How often will I get updates on how the investment is performing? 
19. Why are the returns so much higher then what I can find in other investments opportunities such as stocks, mutual funds and bonds? 
20. Can you guarantee my investment? 
To see the answers to these questions please visit