Acquisition Criteria

We are not passive investors.   Therefore we are not interested in properties that are beautiful, and leased at market rents.  Our strategy is to solve problems.   We are interested in turn around properties, which are undervalued and can be purchased below replacement cost.   The properties should be those were we can assume "risks" and create value by mitigating those risks.

We like to buy Apartment Complexes, Manufactured Home Communities, and Mini Storage properties that are valued under $2,000,000.    We will purchase properties outside this price range depending upon the properties specific characteristics.   

Our preference is to stay within the State of Texas, but will not exclude properties outside the state.

We can bring new capital to the property and can close on properties extremely fast (in less than one month if the property warrants that kind of speed).

We are open to purchase problem properties and not afraid to think creatively about a property!

If you have a property for sale please use the contact link in the menu or call us at 512-782-8982