New Data available from Texas A&M real estate center

The real estate center at Texas A&M has just updated thier market data for the entire state of texas.   If you need data to back up your investment decisions here is the place to go.

If you dont want to have the vultures sitting on your investment do your home work 1st

Vultures on your Investment

You dont need a loan you need some WORK!

You don’t need a loan you need some WORK!!

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Need a quick loan for the hard times?
Abraham Lincoln’s stepbrother, John D. Johnston, wrote Lincoln that he was “broke” and “hard-pressed” on the family farm in Coles County, Illinois, and needed a loan. Lincoln’s offer of a “matching grant” was a recognition that getting into the habit of working, even if it is a less than perfect job, is far more important than getting a loan or a handout.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN DENIES A LOAN [Dec. 24, 1848]     Continue reading You dont need a loan you need some WORK!