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Case Study on 4-plexes

A case study on three 4-plexes on Wooten Park Dr is a big file so it is a PDF that you need to download to read.   Please click the link above named "4-plexes" and the file will open on your computer using adode.

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Summary of Austin 3rd QTR multifamily market

Today Chris Stutzman at Transwestern recently sent me over a copy of their Austin Apartment Report for the 3rd Quarter.

Here are some of the key points:

  • Rents grew 4.8% during the past 12 months
  • Occupancy remains strong for the quarter Absorption outpaces supply again
  • Development pipeline grows – 48 projects totaling 12,560 units under construction
  • The market’s current unemployment figure stands at 5.3%

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jobs = rent increases

Marcus and milichap has publised their 3rd quarter apartment research report.   I says in so many words that Austin is experiencing a growth in jobs, a reduction in construction, an increase in rents and a reduction in vacancy.    Each of those things combined equals a good time to own rental property.

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property tax protests in austin tx travis county

Every year I protest my property tax valuations and almost every year it is time well spent. It allows me to learn something new about how my property is valued and what other property is valued at surrounding my property and is a general adventure in dealing with people.    Continue reading property tax protests in austin tx travis county

New Data available from Texas A&M real estate center

The real estate center at Texas A&M has just updated thier market data for the entire state of texas.   If you need data to back up your investment decisions here is the place to go.


If you dont want to have the vultures sitting on your investment do your home work 1st

Vultures on your Investment

Texas apartment data

Occupancy 93.3%!!!

November was 93.1%

I am full in austin meaning 100% occupancy.   Now I need to get full and paying but being full is a good start.  Check out the write up from ALNsystems.com about the Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth markets.   I attached them as a PDF to this post.aln apartment data 1-11-11

Austins Affordable Housing needs

I recently read an interesting article in Realty Line Newspaper (www.realtylineonline.com)   The article was analyzing austins affordable housing needs.   It was written by David Tandy of Gracy Title.   The article was highlights one of Austins Austins affordable housing not-for-profit organizations “Foundation Communities (http://www.foundcom.org/)” and their efforts to assist those who need affordable housing.   

Please check out the article attached to this post as a pdf and go to foundations communities website and support a not-forprofit organizaiton by giving back to those less fortunate this christmas season!   Follow the link: austin affordable housing

How Does If Feel To Fill Up An Apartment Complex In 45 Days

How Does If Feel To Fill Up An Apartment Complex In 45 Days
Exhausting! Exhilarating all at the same time

In the last 45days or so we have rented 27 apartments evicted 2 people and re-rented their units bought. 6+8 refrigerators and need to buy more, 13 stoves and microwaves fixed countless plumbing leaks, fired 1 employee and hired 4 more, cut so much brush the city is looking at the property and wondering when will he stop. We have aggravated a neighbor and pleased them in the same day. One neighbor is so pleased with the work going on a the property that he said we could cut some brush on the property line and he would pay to have it hauled off! We have also Disposed of 2 dead cats, Gotten 1 bad check, and Taken 100’s of calls. I am tired! I am excited at the same time.

New Apartment Complex

On last Friday I began a new journey of a new apartment complex in Texas. This complex is a group investment (real estate syndication) that I sponsored. The investment is owned with no Debt to eliminate the main risk that I believe cost the previous owner the building. Too much debt! I will be bloging about this investment over the next couple of months as a way of communicating to the investors in the syndication and as a means to share my experiences with other investors who may be interested in real estate investing.

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Are you growing your business?

One of the things I want to do this year is grow my business. So I began looking for opportunities to invest and to put together another group investment or syndication. I found a small apartment complex in one of the communities close to my home base and decided to go and look at it b/c it was a screaming great deal!

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