Accredited Investor Form

If you would like more information about investing in private mortgage funds you must first qualify as an accredited investor. Kindly complete the form below and one of our representatives will contact you.Click here if you would like a more detailed explanation of accredited investors.
Check all portions of paragraph (a) which are applicable:(a) I have either
a net worth (exclusive of homes, furnishing and automobiles) of at least three times the full purchase price of my Unit(s) or fraction thereof and have, and anticipate continuing to have, future income, some portion of which will be subject to a combined state and federal marginal income tax rate of at least 39%
a net worth of at least five times the purchase price of the Unit(s), or fraction thereof, being  purchased by me
I am an attorney or accountant having extensive professional knowledge and experience concerning private placement investments
 Check all portions of paragraph (b) which are applicable: (b) I am an Accredited Investor as defined in Rule 501 promulgated by the Securities and Exchange Commission in that
my individual income exceeded $200,000 for the last two calendar years and I reasonably expect to equal or exceed such income in the current calendar year
my net worth, inclusive of homes, automobiles and my spouse’s net worth , exceeds $1,000,000






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